Pacman --The decentralized leverage yield & liquidity aggregation protocol, community oriented on Arbitrum & zkSync.


Concentrated Liquidity

By farming ETH pairs, Pacman leverages its liquidity to concentrate capital and significantly enhances capital efficiency for liquidity providers, while also mitigating the risks of liquidation.

Unique Vetokenomics

Pacman has developed a vetokenomics system using Curve and FOO protocols, centered around vePAC and oPAC, aimed at reducing the negative impact of farming-and-dumping practices and promoting longevity.

ETH Liquidity Extension Aggregator

By increasing the utilization rate of ETH funds on the lending side, Pacman allows you to draw interest-free loans against ETH used as collateral.

Moreover, projects can get further efficiency boosts from the vetokenomics, offering LSD services.

How it works´╝č

Pacman provides leverage yield strategy services for ETH trading pairs through the CFOO model and obtains the liquidity distribution rights of ETH-Pairs, improving the basic apys and capital utilization of ETH.



Finally, it's a roadmap not a to-do list. Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too. Pivoting is a way of life.

Ongoing / Recurring

  • Review and provide users with more secure underlying liquidity exchanges.
  • Optimize Leverage yield farming strategies and provide automated/semi-automated income strategies.
  • Implement incentive voting on an Epoch basis.

Basic Product Development


  • Promote the development of the project's official website and various social media platforms, and cooperate with more native Arbitrum & zkSync Dex projects
  • Promote and complete VeIDO.

Launch Automated Leverage Strategy Products & Integrate More Arbitrum & zkSync Projects


  • Launch semi-automated treasury strategy.
  • Launch UniSwap V3 leverage strategy products.
  • Integrate more Arbitrum & zkSync projects and participate in project governance.

ETH Liquidity Aggregator


  • Optimize the leverage lending model and increase the utilization of lending-side funds.
  • Based on Treasury revenue funds, provide interest-free loans with ETH as collateral, and launch the PUSD stablecoin.
  • Provide ETH LSD Stake-ReStake service participate in project governance.

AI Strategy Driven Investment & Multichain Implement


  • Multichain Expansion.
  • Launch AI strategy product.
  • More Defi products to come!